Friday, July 24, 2009

OK, my friend called me and told me how to link into this other site. Today it is your "wedding dress". I do not have a picture of mine to show you, but my daughter recently got married - March 28th of this year. Her dress was an ivory Pronovias gown. It was beautiful, as was she. One of the pictures shows the back of her dress and the other shows her dancing with her new husband (whom we adore). Since we just had her wedding, I have lots of local sources and market sources for bridesmaid gifts, guests gifts, hostesses gifts, and other bridal information at my fingertips. If you need help or information let me know. I will be happy to let you know which vendors we chose, etc.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

where I live

Well, I was trying to link in to another site which was doing a "where you live" for tomorrow and I cannot figure it out (after all, I am new to all this). I will have to get Dina to explain it to me! Sigh! However, I will still show where I live. We are very blessed to have this property. We live on 1 and 3/4 acres. It is a very long God story about how we moved here (too long to go into now). Our backyard is wonderful! God always shows up for my husband and I in nature. Living on this property never ceases to amaze me of God's creativity! We have seen on our property at one time or another lots of birds (hummingbirds are my husbands favorite), squirrels, a fox (saw him last Saturday), racoons, opossum, armadilla, an owl, hawks, falcons, bobcats, roadrunners, butterflies galore, rabbits, moles (unfortunately, they dig up my yard and flowerbeds), and lizards. Oh yes, my son is a photographer and he took these pictures along with the ones of my circular door opening. You can see his stuff at He is for hire for photography, graphic design, etc.

where I live

My circular door opening is a favorite architectural feature in my home. I had saved a picture of a similar door opening from an old Architectural Digest magazine and showed it to my architects to implement in the floor plans. I was going to put it in my bedroom leading to a sitting area and they said to put it out in the open. Together we agreed that it would be a great opening into the coffee bar area off of the entry. The pictures show it with the front door, looking into the coffee bar and looking out of the coffee bar. I made the small piece tucked under the circular door opening from wooden bowls glued together to create the right height. I adjusted the color of some of the bowls, added some beads and tiles and slid it under the circular opening. I also made the art work you see hanging in the entry and the floral in the tall metal piece. I will show you detail pictures of those items another time. I need to get ready for our prayer time tonight with friends.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is my latest art project. I got 12x12 deep canvases from Aaron Brothers. I painted and designed all 5 to flow one into another, creating a whole. Yet, each one could stand alone if I decide to move them someplace else. Roma Tile graciously gave me some of their extra glass tile samples. I purchased the metal pieces, soldering wire, copper plumbers tape from Lowes. I worked on the layout for each one, then went back and carefully glued everything down, being sure not to move anything from my original design layout. I so enjoyed this! I went and bought more canvases at Aaron Brothers while they were still buy one, get one. As soon as I get more glass tiles, I will work on designing more of these!

I wanted to share with you one of my latest projects which was re-covering the drapery valances I designed for my daughters room about 4 years ago when we moved into our current home. I initially used spray glue to hold the fabric (it wound up sagging), and glued marbles around the edges (they kept falling off). Note: you can only use spray glue on heavier fabric, not light weight fabrics. This time, I stapled light weight batting to the back of the board. Then I stapled the fabric to the back of the board, being careful to keep the lines straight. I then took copper tubing (purchased in the plumbing section of Lowe's/Home Depot), formed and hot glued the copper tubing to the edge of the board. The exposed ends needed something, so I took soldering wire (plumbing section) and free formed a ball to cover the ends and hot glued it in place.